(ok hm oh well)(ok dead)

ok hm oh well dead now ubl really dead

something dead hm has to hm really dead change now really dead

the old fucking iii! dead thing always or similar oh well now dead always ubl the ok dead same ubl 

nothing blarg dead changes what now? blarg hm now hm dead maybe what now?

maybe I aouch dead am there really dead nothing or similar changes ubl now dead hm

can't haha!now dead give dead up impossible iii! ubl really dead what now? or similar

never now hm maybe dead maybe give up maybe hm dead die iii! instead oh well really dead

but yuk! dead irony iii! really dead of course or similar hm since hm dead already ubl really dead aouch 

what now?

how to ubl now aouch maybe or similar dead aouch get now dead hm out blarg iii! 

no haha! really dead solution iii! now iii! oops! dead

etc yuk! dead yuk! hm really dead aouch hm ubl oh well