I just saw the form it's beautiful yes form something like order 	oh precision of course möbius the mr that's a form of course naturally		trivial trivial obvious repeat self-quote uglier more crucial than anything SHIT LITTLE SHIT IMPOTENT STUPID etc 	as in etc or similar etc quote quote etc		that could will haha go on for a while 	if I you they it etc or similar etc all come give as in blurt yes their opinion all this shit a big heap yes a bit heap it's gonna be

resuming yes quote again everagain resuming enquiries

beauty		the form yes		as if almost clear 		in the dim nothing clear yet somehow progress you know you know it etc etc same shit over and over again etc  resuming the form something sigh yes something of beauty		strange unsurprising etc repeat repeat etc

one thing not even fear		yes not even fear just plain clear truth inferiority brokenness etc

quote obvious once again always always the same say SAY IT something wrong there		yes very clearly 	something wrong there		broken half-dead zombie etc 		or similar etc 		as badiou of course pointed out talking about zizek 		quite rightly as always	behind the multifariousness behind the endless 		me adding probably surely obsessional 	constant manic dealing with all forms 	isn't there a whif yes 	a whif of skepticism

skepticism as if a certain despair I think that was it yes what he meant		something like brokenness yes that's the thing yes that's what needs to be repaired		at all costs		now		how 		how 		HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO IT LITTLE SHIT LITTLE SHIT NO RESULT YEARS OF THIS DIE DIE NOW DESERVE DESERVE	etc shut up fucker


suddenly 		in fact obviously quite obviously

after triumph the next wave sadness 	forever sadness stupidity	 	shit little shit die 			this time not even shouted just melancholy	melancholic cruel murdere's langour	resuming	now sad simply I feel I am the zizek not the badiou doom foerver doom		inferiority impossibility	ever	ever	to be