(as if this was only going lower and lower)

as if this was only going lower and lower

flatter and flatter

deader and deader

sadder and sadder


this waste seemingly without end

even if almost everything has been wasted there’s still some more to get rid of

some more to spill

I notice 


a few weeks ago still

that had lasted for months

there was the notion of form

the desire of form

attempts and attempts and attempts

at form

now not any more

or say barely none at all

as if the idea of form all gotten rid of 

as if definitely below that 

with no hope ever of getting up again

and now still some hope for style

some hope some despair 

when thinking of style

the ugly style

the non-style

the poverty here

the absence of detail

the scarcity of everything

the bareness


rationally I can expect this to disappear as well

soon or not so soon

does it even matter