(strange even if now kind of ok)

strange even if now kind of ok

supposedly young

mind heart the rest grey weathered 

utterly (or nearly so cf. refrain)

in the end after a while made stupid made irrelevant

after a while with quite a bit of effort since quite good in the beginning

quite good as they said of course don't get me wrong

a lot of work to destroy it all to reduce it all to nothingness to debase it wholly to humiliate it so hard it ends up so numb it doesn't even realise it anymore (bam circle complete)

a lot of work to reach stupid no work stupid no impulse 

also to reach no hope 

no nothing

no nothing only thing to say then (after work)


no language no style no image 

no nothing

only thing to say only thing blurtable (after work)

sweatable shittable you get me

only thing this nothing (after work)

and out of numbing void paradox this 

this nothing (after work)