(realising the failure)

realising the failure

realising the amplitude

nothing there no direction no impulsion (here doom refrain)

realising how impossible it all is (here doom refrain)

realising how mediocre 

yet the nothing there also applies to fear to despair

no fear no despair (here you’re wrong on the contrary the wall the cell the monkish cock-cutting all because of fear all because of stupid cowardice)

nothing that could make me stop (here doom refrain)


nothing just this continue continue

even if impossible even if absolute darkness (here doom refrain)

even if no language even if inferiority

there is a way say it in the abstract and go

abstract superabstract a realm for the failed (refrain)

a native land for the failed now go

go depart start journey etc

from there go

no way anywhere no towards yet go

see how mediocre it is how all deprived all ashy all hackneyed (refrain)