hm maybe that could be it blarg hm hm dare hm go hm keep it simple hm blarg ok

type read note tag ruin translate capture hm sketch as a hobby

hm haha life yes haha have to quote now say it as hear it haha blarg saw it coming right?

life yeah could be it as long as possible hm that is for now for a moment until hm death or change oh well you get me

and afterwards as in haha kind of now oh yes already now you can say oh hm haha almost a quote syllables happiness hm blarg hm that was it as in hm that's it maybe now maybe soon 

hm yes hm kind of and oh you know as he says haha quote again incorrigible last a while etc yes important last

for this remains ooo man naughty boy today BAM the rest is dross blarg resume hm fuck resume

for this remains and oh hm me well soon elsewhere course! soon no more haha well didn't teach you anything here haha whatevs you get me haha quote quote you love me yes oh yes blurf you know you love me blurf blurf